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  • Many times people put their system in sleep mode, it is not a bad habit. But you have to shut down your system once at regular intervals because some backend programs are running in sleep mode which will drain your battery life too. If you turn off your laptop without shutting it down, then it affects the life of your battery very badly. Due to this, the battery of your laptop starts getting damaged.


  • You have to delete all user data which is not necessary and you don’t need to persist. If you do not delete your old data, then it makes your window very slow. Therefore, from time to time, delete the cache, files, and unnecessary data from your laptop’s window.


  • Stop heavy software and videos running in the background because they use the processor of the laptop from behind, due to which your cooling fan keeps on working continuously, which increases the chances of cooling fan failure, hence heavy software Should be used only when needed.


  • Always use antivirus on your laptop so that your personal data and windows can be safe, if you do not want antivirus free, then WINDOW DEFENDER ANTIVIRUS already comes in the window, you can use it.


  • Long-Lasting Battery The longevity of your battery is another important factor in laptop life. Battery life depends on the type of battery and usage pattern. Make sure your laptop battery is at least 30000mAh. You should replace RAM with better quality RAM to increase the speed and efficiency of your laptop’s RAM.
    You can also optimize your laptop’s RAM by using software tools like Samsung’s RAMTool. RAMTool is available on Google Play Store and it is free. There are different types of memory chips available, such as LPDDR3, LPDDR3L, and LPDDR4. External HD – IsoBoxes Your laptop’s performance can be enhanced with an external HD. An external HD acts as a larger hard disk drive, so it increases your storage capacity and transfer speed.


  • Friends, today we have told you some ways in which you can increase the performance and lifespan of your laptop, the more you take care of your laptop, it will last for so many years, so you must follow the steps given by us. If you are a student, then we have given complete information about the Best Cheap Laptops for Students in India, by reading this you can get the cheapest laptop for free.

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