A Brief History of Luxury Travel Trailer

Have you ever wondered how the world came to invent luxury RVs? It’s very interesting.

Continue reading for a brief history of how the luxury tourist trailer came to be.


The beginning

Believe it or not, camping was not always a popular activity like this today. In fact, it was not really on anyone’s radar until the late 1800s. In the 1870s, the idea that camping would bring peace and escape from the trials of the modern world became commonplace. Before that, people did not know that taking a trip to nature would be so satisfying.


So, with the newly acquired knowledge, all you have to do is leave the city to find peace and quiet, people are starting to try to find ways to make that easier.


The first step

In 1904, the first step toward what we now know is the RV was taken. With the advent of motorized vehicles, someone has decided to manually build an RV in his car. The luxury items of this RV included lights, a radio, and enough blankets for four adults to sleep comfortably. Of course, this aroused everyone’s interest, and so began the pursuit. People began to combine camp left and right.


The First of Its kind

Although many variations of the RV were well-known in the public eye, it was not until 1915 that the first complete motorhome was born. The Conklin, a wealthy family in Huntington, New York, built what they called a Gypsy Van. This fully equipped bus contains many of the features that you can find in today’s standard RVs. Includes lamps, full kitchen, sofas, bedrooms, generator, attic, and folding dining table.


Quickly catching the public eye. The Conklin decided to take the motorhome on a cross-country trip to California. This, of course, caught the attention all the way, and the companies were out of the race to try and make their own.


Limitations Reached

Although these big buses were easy to travel long distances, they could not be driven everywhere. In fact, they were very limited in what they could do. That’s why the Conklin always had a motorcycle with them. As a result of this new issue, people are starting to find ways to bring their cars on their travels.



The first built-in camping trailer was released to the public in 1923. Comes with all the bells and whistles of the times. People can now go very fashionably wherever they want to go. Not only were they able to bring their cars, but they were also more affordable to the average American person than the big RVs of the time.


Industry Improved

As the economy grows, the production of products such as cars, campers, trailers, and other camping equipment has increased dramatically. People now not only bought all these things, but they were also able to get the job done for a week and use them. This increase in demand and demand always sets the industry bigger, better, and more attractive.


Luxury Trailer

During the race to build the camping industry, Hawley Bowlus began building a lightweight caravan capable of transporting crew to remote areas. Bowlus was a successful engineer and aircraft designer, and in 1934 he had a practical example of the first aluminum trailer in motion. With just over 1,000 pounds [1,000 kg], the chariot quickly became a masterpiece in the public eye.



Shortly after the model was made public, copycats came out of the woodwork, trying to recreate Bowlus’ ingenuity. Among these copyists was Wally Byam of the company, Airstream.


Where the Bowlus Is Today

Today, Bowlus stands at the forefront of the luxury trailer industry. It creates stable trailers with amazing features such as a warm floor, fast hot water, a long-lasting battery, and much more. Using sustainable materials, these trailers are built to last. Even the first ones made before Hawley returned to the aviation industry in 1937 are still available on the road today.


Modern Travel Trailers

RVs can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some drive a car with many luxury amenities. Some have only what you need to survive in the wild. People now love to go glamping. Some take their trailers to luxurious camps, connect to facilities, and stay there all week long as if it were just a place to relax. Some like to take their luxury RVs into the wilderness and jump that way.



From the time camping has become a widely accepted holiday destination, trailers and RVs have come a long way. Now every time you drive down the highway and see a trailer or RV, you will know exactly how it all happened.

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