Business Card: It is still an essential marketing tool?

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Whether you are starting a new venture or already running a business for several years, you should constantly keep implementing new and effective marketing strategies to stand unique. While the era of digitalization has made businesses adopt a myriad of marketing tools and increase their brand awareness, there’s only one powerful promotional weapon that has been around forever – the business card!   


Business card printing is much more than just inscribing your company’s name, your name, and contact number on a base material. A modern-day business card incorporates important details of the company like name, email, website, contact details, products, and services along with the company’s logo and tagline. Thus, you can gauge the power of these small printed cards. Although the entire business world has started using digital gadgets, a business card is the only marketing tool that no digital gadget has been able to supersede completely. 


However, the question still remains the same – are business cards still effective in this digital age? Keep reading to know how business cards can become an asset to your company.

  • Makes a Good First Impression

The best thing about business cards is that they are still not going out of style. Companies still hand out beautifully-crafted business cards to create a good first impression on their prospects. 


A bright-colored, well-designed business card is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and spread your brand’s message. Meeting with a prospective client for the first time can be made more memorable when you exchange an impressive business card with the person.


Extra thick business cards such as plastic or metal substrates always hold more power to retain a customer than paper ones. Remember, an aesthetically pleasing business card has immense potential to make you look even more professional than your favorite business suit. 

  • Expands Business Network

Are you looking for an ideal opportunity to promote your business and build your contact base? Start attending events and trade shows! These are the best places to meet new leads and acquire sales. Possibly, you might meet a potential client in the event who shows interest in availing of your products or services.  


While it’s absolutely fine to share your contact details, still, handing over a business card would be a better course of action. Giving out a business card shows how professional and experienced you are in networking. It tells your client that you value time and efficiency.

  • Effective Marketing Tool in Low Budget

It’s pretty difficult to implement a high-budget advertisement or marketing campaign while initially starting out a business. It’s a funding issue commonly faced by start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. After all, TV ads, brochures, and ad campaigns incur huge costs. 


In contrast, you can opt for business card printing – an affordable form of advertisement. It helps in building brand identity and spreading brand awareness. Handing over business cards to more and more leads can save you from spending a small fortune on larger forms of advertising.

  • Builds Strong Connection with Clients

Giving out a business card to a prospective client means handing over a physical extension of yourself and your business. It’s a great way to build a strong personal connection with your clients.


However, it’s not mandated that only you have to use business cards to attract more leads. Rather, your staff should also learn to put business cards to use and reap the benefits of face-to-face interactions. 

  • Displays a Great Deal of Info

Regardless of their small size, extra thick business cards can include a great deal of information. It’s not meant to just display your company’s name and contact details. Rather, it can be utilized to display advertising or marketing content such as deals, offers, or discount codes. 


However, ensure not to fill the card with overflowing information as you would definitely not want to overwhelm the recipients. In case, if you have a comprehensive list of details to display, opt for magnetic stripe business cards. 


Such cards are compatible with NFC and mobile devices, allowing customers to transfer and access your company details through their smartphones. Thus, you can measure the versatility of business cards in this era of digitalization.


So, if you have decided to get your business cards printed, your next step is to choose the right card printing company. Here are some advantageous tips that you should definitely consider while partnering with a card printing company.


Tips to Choose the Right Printing Company!

  • Ensure to hire a printing vendor that can provide you with a business card portal to manage, edit, and order business cards with ease.
  • Ask for a price quote before partnering with a printing company.
  • Check the reviews and ratings of the company online to understand the quality of its customer service.

Hope this blog helped you understand the value of business card printing in this modern age of digitalization. Basically, business cards have always worked as effective marketing tools and still work as the same.

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