This is how you can help out a stray dog today

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The world, as we know it, is already very difficult for humans. But do you know who suffers more than us on a daily basis? The animals who co-habit the planet with us. They face a number of potentially life-threatening situations on a daily basis, and many do not make it to the other side. While a number of programs are underway to protect and help wild animals thrive, there is another class of animals that often go unmentioned and forgotten. Yes, we are talking about stray and abandoned dogs. There are various reasons why they end up on the streets, some of which are downright cruel and inhumane. There have been instances where these pets have been taken somewhere far and abandoned just because they might’ve become old or injured. In some cases, these innocent pooches are thrown out into the streets as their families have shifted or may have welcomed a new family member. Unfortunately, these poor animals do not have a lot of options to fall back upon, and today we will be discussing a method that you can avail of to brighten their lives up once more. One of the best ways to help these dogs out is to support their well-being via various non-profits like adoption homes, destitute animal centers, and thrift stores, like bow wow thrift, that support animals. Let us take a look at each of these methods and more in detail.


Let’s lend a helping hand


There are multiple channels that we can use to help these dogs out, let’s explore


  • Adoption centers- One of the best ways of helping them out is by adopting them and giving them the love and care that they deserve. A quick search online would reveal a list of good adoption homes. Most of the dogs that are residing here come with sad abandonment-related pasts. You can witness the joy of finding a new home from their happy eyes and wagging tails. We highly suggest that you adopt a pooch and give them a new life. If you cannot adopt a dog for whatsoever reason, you can always help the adoption homes out through donations or other in-kind gifts. An added benefit of this is the fact that you can write the donation off as tax-deductible. Most non-profit adoption homes would benefit greatly from your support. 

  • Animal support homes- These homes do not cater exclusively to dogs but to almost all distressed animals. They house abandoned, injured, or distressed domestic animals. The main purpose of these houses is to give these poor creatures home to call their own and recover at a natural pace while socializing at the same time. You can help these animals in a couple of different ways in this case, the primary among which is donations, both in cash and kind. You can also decide to dedicate a certain amount of man-hours to help out these animals with their various requirements. As we already mentioned, these donations can be written off as tax-deductible. 

  • Thrift stores- Certain thrift stores, like Bow wow thrift, use funds from their operation to support the welfare and livelihoods of stray and abandoned dogs. This is one of the best methods to support stray dogs since you do not have to spend any money from your pockets in a conventional manner while being eligible for a tax deduction as well.


The way in which these stores function is that they collect any used items that you would like to donate like cutlery, books, clothes, household commodities, etc., and then sell them to other people who might need them from their thrift stores. The revenues generated from these operations are then used to fund the maintenance of various stray dogs at their adoption centers. One of the best benefits of these stores is the fact that they accept most of the household goods that we might have lying around. Interestingly enough, you can even opt for a vehicle donation in Florida to support these non-profits. This serves a couple of purposes. The first is the fact that the donated vehicle can be used again rather than ending up as scrap or in a landfill, and the second is that you would be helping a noble cause through your vehicle donation in Florida. 


You can also visit these thrift stores in person and you can find a wide range of goods on sale at their place. You can pick these up for extremely competitive prices. The stores perform their quality checks before purchasing the products from the sellers so that you can be assured that whatever you buy from them is in good usable condition and that you are not getting a piece of junk for the price you are paying. 

  • Animal hospitals- There are several non-profit animal hospitals that treat and cute injured stray animals. Since they do not have any revenue from their operations, your help will be welcomed always, be it in cash or kind. These animals are in really bad health sometimes, and your help would go a long way in helping them recover. 

Final take:


One should never abandon their pets for they should understand the fact that abandoning or letting them go could prove to be a death sentence for them. Luckily, good souls like you can help them get a new shot at life and rekindle their sparks once again. You can either go for a donation, which is tax-deductible, or you might opt for something like vehicle donation in Florida, and you can be sure that even a small step can go a long way.

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