Tips to choose the best Rubber Playground Tiles:

You need to do thorough research before installing Rubber Playground Tiles be it for the local park, garden, or school play area. Recent studies have shown that when kids spend time outdoors, it benefits their overall development. Besides increasing their concentration power, playing outdoors makes them cheerful and helps in reducing anxiety. 

Thus, it goes without saying that the playground is a crucial part of childhood.  A good safety profile should be ensured as the kids play around in the playground. Hence, the Rubber Playground Tiles you choose should be able to support the high foot traffic of kids, and for that, they should be robust enough. They should help reduce the impacts caused by injuries and falls. 

But, is addressing the safety parameter alone enough? Have a look at some of the characteristics that you should consider while you choose the best playground rubber tiles.


How to choose the Best Rubber Playground Tiles?

Tip 1: Consider the Critical Fall Height

The critical fall height is one of the primary aspects to look for in playground rubber tiles. The risk of injuries scratches and falls significantly increases while children climb and play in the playgrounds. Yes, the children may cope with minor injuries, but serious falls will lead to fatal injuries. 

As per the standards laid down by ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), the fall height protection rate of surfacing should be more than the height of the tallest piece of equipment in the playground. Therefore, before installing Rubber Playground Tiles, make sure that they meet the ASTM guidelines. They can not only avert the risk of serious falls but also provide kids with a stable surface with cushioning.


Tip 2: Check the surface traction of Rubber Material

You should choose only those rubber tiles that can withstand harsh weather elements. No matter what the condition is, be it dry, damp, or wet the rubber tiles should offer good surface traction and also overcome the challenges that come with these conditions. 

Look for quality Rubber Playground Tiles that:

  • Offers UV resistance and won’t degrade in harsh sunlight.
  • Can hold out against extreme cold temperatures
  • Can easily drain water and offers a waterproof surface

These aspects will uplift the kid’s safety in the playground and also ease mobility. 


Tip 3: Select the flooring with greater durability

When you are selecting Rubber tiles for Playground, another crucial aspect that you should consider is Durability. But why?

Significant foot traffic is experienced by the Play Parks. Also, there are specially-abled children who visit the parks with wheelchairs and other power mobility devices. The Rubber Tiles should provide a sturdy foundation and for that, they should be resilient enough. Once installed, they last for years while maintaining utmost safety. The quality of Rubber Playground Tiles should be such that they do not degrade with wear and tear. 


Gym Floor Tiles- A great option for Home Gyms

With increased awareness about healthy living, fitness has become a top priority for a large number of individuals and families. Owing to this, home gyms have become an increasingly common feature in many households. Besides the appropriate equipment and exercise routines, having the right décor and furnishings for your home gym is quite crucial. 

When it comes to home gyms, Gym Floor Tiles is perhaps one of the best options available. It is the inherent properties of rubber that make it a safe, healthy, and durable choice for home gym flooring. Just scroll through to find out how you can benefit from installing rubber flooring in your home gym. 


Benefits associated with Gym Floor Tiles

(1) Strength and Durability: It is the strength and great resilience to day-to-day wear and tear that has made Rubber one of the most popular materials for home gyms. In a home setup, Gym Floor Tiles made of Rubber are very crucial as the setup typically includes heavy exercise equipment. Rubber Flooring has the unique ability to withstand pressure, making it ideal for such a setting. The durability of these tiles makes them the perfect flooring option for home gyms. 


(2) Noise Resistant: A number of different activities are involved in a workout routine. There are some activities and equipment which generate noise and vibration. But, Gym Floor Tiles are noise-resistant, so this problem can be easily solved. Thus, if you are having a gym in your home, these tiles allow you to continue your routine without disturbing anyone else. 



Final Take:

An appealing playground equipped with safety provisions encourages kids to enjoy their playtime. Follow the shared tips above while you choose the most suitable Rubber Playground Tiles for building the playpark. Also, that you have some of the benefits of Gym Floor Tiles, you can consider them as a viable option when you are looking for gym flooring ideas. 

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