A look into how tiles could improve your property immensely

One of the important rooms in any house is the washroom, and people aspire to make it as comfortable and pleasing as possible. Fortunately, the developments in modern construction materials and techniques have popularized the usage of bathroom tiles, and we can safely say that they are just amazing! Gone are the days when our only option was concrete or expensive natural stones. Nowadays, we can create any design or effect with these tiles that we could ever think of. Constant innovation in this field has enabled the successful implementation of various materials like ceramic bathroom tiles, terrazzo bathroom tiles, etc. Here, we will take a look at the various benefits of using bathroom tiles and large format tiles over concrete and other natural stones in the construction of our prized homes. 


Tiling up:


Bathroom tiles, and tiles as a whole, have revolutionized the way we construct. While flooring was traditionally done using mosaics, concrete, and natural stones like granite, large format tiles have virtually made them obsolete. With that sorted, let’s look at the multiple benefits of tiling up.

  • Economical- One of the main benefits of opting for tiles over traditional construction materials is the cost savings that they bring to the table. While using original granite for flooring in homes can be extremely expensive, using tiles as an alternative can reduce the prices to a great extent. The primary reason behind this is the fact that while natural stones are always in short supply when compared to their demand and they need to be mined and processed, tiles can be efficiently manufactured in large quantities by using rather cost-effective raw materials like clay, silica, etc. Modern tile-making materials and techniques make extensive use of production line methodologies, thereby achieving economies of scale and a lower price. Innovations in this field like the successful commercialization of stuff like terrazzo bathroom tiles reduce costs even further. So for anyone who is adhering to a budget, tiles are the way to go. 

  • Maintenance- Unlike concrete floors than require frequent repairs, or natural stones that are easily corroded, something like a large format tile requires little to no maintenance. They would do just fine with a periodic wipe with water or other readily available floor cleaners. These tiles are highly resistant to stains and corrosion and that makes them extremely low-maintenance. 

  • Durable- Tiles are extremely tough and durable and can last a long time with minimal maintenance. A set of high-quality tiles can even last a lifetime. Terrazzo bathroom tiles also have high tensile strength and can bear a lot of weight, thereby making them resistant to cracking and breaking when heavy furniture or commodities are placed on top. They can also be used efficiently in commercial establishments since they suffer from very little wear from high levels of footfall. 

  • Wide range of designs- With the popularization of tiles as construction materials, it has become a possibility to create any style or design that our minds could think of. Nowadays, specialized tiles, like finger tiles, wall tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. are widely used to create exquisite designs and patterns that were almost impossible to create with natural stones or concrete. Tiles can even be used to create fascinating artworks or inlay works. So if you have a design in mind, there is a tile out there that can do just that for you. 

  • Healthier- Tiles are naturally repulsive to allergens like pollen, animal hair, lint, etc. Unlike concrete and stones, they aren’t a dust magnet as well. This ensures that the tiles are very easy to dust or clean and they also help keep allergy-related diseases at bay.


  • Reduces fire hazards- Large format tiles used for flooring and wall tiles are naturally resistant to fires. This makes them an obvious choice for homes and commercial establishments. 

  • Easy installation- Gone are the days when it took months to floor up a single room with concrete or something like marble. Nowadays, one can easily floor up an entire property in a matter of hours. This not only reduces the time it takes to complete the construction by a huge margin but also comes with significant cost savings resulting from reduced labor costs. 

  • Easy to renovate- If you ever wish to renovate your property and give it a fresh new life, you would be in luck if you use tiles. Since they are much easier to remove and replace when compared to stones or concrete mosaics, one can easily renovate the floor for a fraction of the cost and at a much faster rate. Once the removal procedure is done, you can reinstall new tiles pretty easily and economically as well. 


Final take:


As you witnessed, tiles are better than concrete or natural stones when it comes to construction activities. With modern advancements in technology, and with the advent of newer titles like terrazzo bathroom tiles or large floor tiles, the future of tile making seems to be a pretty interesting one. 

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